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Marcin Czubala - wywiad w BBC

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Dołączył: 07 Lis 2008
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Skąd: Cocoon Club Ibiza
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Tekst po angielsku, nie chciało mi się tłumaczyć na polski Laughing

Fresh from his awesome set on ATL Dance a few weeks back, Marcin Czubala's incredible new album 'Chronicles Of Never' has just dropped on Mobilee Recordings. Check out what he has to say for himself...

ATL: Hi, and how the hell are you today?
Hello! Thanks, I am in good mood. Just starting my album tour.

ATL: Let's get started then. First musical memory?
My first real experience with the music was when I was 6. It was qualifying exam to music school. I had to repeat a rhythm, sing something and do some other things, anyway for a six years old kid it was like - what the f***?

ATL: Have you ever played Ireland and if so where, when and how was it for you?
Shame. I haven't played in Ireland yet. Though would love to come over one day!

ATL: Now, what prompted you to get fully involved in dance music?
You know, couple of things.I was lucky to go to Berlin and went to the Tresor club before I was even thinking about going into dance music (actually I spend couple of hours in Globus cllub, which was upstairs. I didn't know that Tresor is downstair). It was like 13 years ago and thanks god music wasn't so seasonal, as is now. Now in a less than a year all minimal DJs start to spin house/deep house music, because it's more trendy now.

ATL: What's been your best clubbing experience?
Still remember the night with Sven Vaeth in Trend club in Warsaw. It was in 1997. Really, really great event, great people and good music.

ATL: For non dance music, what are you listening to at the mo?
I am now really into old Polish jazz from 60-70s. I also love discovering new, unknown bands from the past. I think music made 30-40 years ago sounded so much better.

ATL: So, do you have any famous DJ mates and if so, who, and what are they really like? Go on you can tell us...
Ehhh, you know when I play abroad I meet them all and we know each other, or better I say I know them and they heard my music. But... I don't live in Berlin, so we are not meeting in Panaroma bar at sunday's evening, so I will not tell you any good story Smile

ATL: What is really the best club in the world?
Difficult to say. I think every club is made by people, audience. Then you have rest, like proper soundsystem, good interior, nice bar etc. In general I would say that the best clubbing is probably in Japan. People are so wicked. I am also big fan of Latin America.

ATL: Your criminal record - what's the worst piece of music ever played out?
Tiesto and all this commercial trance sh*t.

ATL: Who is the best DJ in the world and why?
I really respect old guys like Sven Vaeth and Laurent Garnier. After 20 or more years on the scene they still search and keep on playing fresh music. They have proper experience and know how to do this.

ATL: And when will we see you again then?
I hope soon in Ireland! Anyway my album is just in stores now and I am also making some new music, so if not in person, you will definitely see some new music from me soon.

ATL : Ok, giz your top five tunes and bugger off...
Here is my October chart:
1. Reboot - Assign the Source - Motiv
2. Marcin Czubala - At the beach in San Foca - Mobilee
3. Bruno Pronsato & Minimono - That's Amore - Bosconi
4. Cats N'Dogz - SF - Mothership
5. Anderson Noise - Atividade - Afu Laboratory
6. Ryan Crosson - Confiteria del Molino - Wagon Repair
7. Ion Ludwig - Transonoir - Motiv
8. Kerri Chandler - Fortran (Argy Mix) - Deeply Rooted House
9. Mark Broom & Mihalis Safras - District One rmx - Material
10. Format B - Steam Circuit - Highgrade

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Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 02 Lis 2008
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Skąd: Wałbrzych
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dzieki Smile

btw. niedawno zamowilem vinyla nr 3 z jego listy hyhy ale nie wiedzialem ze czubali tez sie podoba :]

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